Go(a)t Milk?

By Kassie Dwyer, Eden Farm, Athens, ME Goats, with their multiple applications, are essential to the homestead.  On many farms, the role of goats as dairy producers is their most important contribution.  Dairy products are indispensable in almost every household, and producing them right at home gives them added value to the family. While I milked dairy cows from the time I was about ten through college, and love the dairy industry, especially here in our state, keeping a cow on a homestead is not always a perfect fit.  Cows eat more than goats, take longer to milk and care for, {read more}

Get Your Goat!

By Kassie Dwyer, Eden Farm, Athens, ME I never meant to get into dairy goats.  I always liked them, but never thought I needed one.  I had my cows.  My sister, Krysta, 4 years younger than me, tried to be a cowgirl too.  However, she didn’t have the muscle.  Tall, thin, and ten years old, the show heifers would walk all over her (literally). Once, one of my grandparents’ milking cows, aptly named Rowdy, stepped on Krysta’s foot.  Either she didn’t notice or didn’t care that Krysta’s hoof was under hers, but she didn’t move until my grandmother intervened.  Krysta needed {read more}

Take Stock in What You Have: Broth from Bones

By Kassie Dwyer, Eden Farm, Athens, ME Waste not, want not—if I had a mantra, that would be it. I absolutely hate to throw anything away (ask my husband). It breaks my heart that our town doesn’t have a recycling program. While I am certainly not a hoarder, I may be a mild pack rat. But hey, I’m always prepared. I will never need to buy canning jars or egg boxes, gift bags or plant pots. One of the many features of living on a farm that I love is that we don’t have to throw away food. If we don’t {read more}