Maine grass fed beef

Maine Grass Fed Beef at Eden Farm

Maine Grass Fed Beef at Eden Farm is by Kassie Dwyer, Eden Farm, Athens, ME As a homesteader, how valuable would it be for you to be able to raise your own meat that was healthier, easier on the environment, and cheaper to raise? Actually, I don’t know if there’s anything more you could want! The good news is, you can meet (meat, haha), all three of these objectives-with Maine grass fed beef. So now, some of you are probably rolling your eyes thinking I’m just trying to sell my own product.  Yes, my husband and I raise grass fed, Angus {read more}

dairy goat shows

Dairy Goat Shows in Maine

Dairy Goat Shows in Maine is by Kassie Dwyer, Eden Farm, Athens, ME I’ve been out of the goat show ring for a few years (since I was 18).   I planned to attend a spring dairy goat show in 2015, then came down with a stomach flu the day before.  This past spring, my doe Diamond was dry and pregnant, not exactly ready for the ring in May. Back in the Ring My absence from the ring finally came to a close on September 24th  when I participated in the Heart of Maine Dairy Goat Association (HOMDGA) show at the Farmington Fairgrounds. My {read more}

Jack of All Trades

By Kassie Dwyer, Eden Farm, Athens, ME Last week I exposed you to the amazing world of donkeys as livestock guardians.  This week, we will dive into the care & maintenance of your ass (Ok, that just doesn’t sound right, sorry). Caring for your livestock guardian is pretty simple, as donkeys are relatively low maintenance.  They generally live alongside the herd they are protecting.  A mature donkey does not generally require grain, but will maintain themselves on hay and pasture.  Beware of overfeeding, as donkeys don’t require as much feed as a horse of the same size.  Treats should be limited, {read more}

Ass Kicker

By Kassie Dwyer, Eden Farm, Athens, ME When I was a kid, my grandparents had a donkey (named Eeyore of course).  He wasn’t good for much, but we kids enjoyed spending time with him and feeding him treats.  Maybe too many treats, because he got to the point where he would mouth you and search your pockets (and extract anything inside-one time he ate a pen out of my pocket) anytime you came near, and occasionally, bite. Though he was a bit of an ass (in more ways than one), I loved that darn donkey.  He died when I was in {read more}