pekin american breese can chcikens and ducks live together?

Can chickens and ducks live together?

Have you had chickens for a while and you’d like to add a duck or two but don’t want to build another house or worry about them fighting? Can chickens and ducks live together? Rest assured, they CAN! In early spring I found two free purebred Pekin male ducks (called Drakes) and put them in a pen sharing a fence with my three breeding Cayuga ducks. This seemed organized, ducks next to ducks, right? Big mistake. Sometimes I just have to learn the hard way. Geese honked brain shatteringly high-pitched warnings—they obviously knew more than I did about ducks. The {read more}

Our Mountaintop Homestead in Maine

After several attempts to reconcile with my husband I made the choice to leave. I returned to a prior relationship that I’d ended in a last ditch attempt to make my marriage work for my toddler’s sake. We went in search of a new homestead for children and critters and to start a new, fresh life together. Not knowing what we were really looking for, we ended up looking at this huge mountaintop homestead in Maine under an hour from where I grew up—and falling under its spell. Being a nerdy, modern homesteader with kids: I googled the best schools by judgement of their STEM standards and {read more}