treating chicken lice with DE diatomacious earth

How to Treat Chicken Lice & Preventative Care Tips

This article will explain the best methods for how to treat chicken lice for beginners. This is my firsthand experience. For starters, poultry or “chicken lice” are specialist parasites and evolve to be very good at feeding on their specific host species—but aren’t able to live on other species. So chicken lice can’t live on people, and the lice that kids commonly get in grade school can’t be shared with their beloved chickens. Lice are common on many animals, and domesticated poultry have around 50 species of lice. They are all soft-bodied, pale-colored, flattened-bodied insects. These tiny soft-bodied insects have mouthparts used specifically to chew on feathers {read more}

bobcat game cam maine

What to do when predators threaten your livestock

Over the past month we have lost seven animals. What to do when predators threaten your livestock is not a simple answer. We have a bobcat infiltrating our coop and hutch fortress. There is other food, it’s not the depth of winter. This big kitty is growing fat on our duck and chicken. Here in photos below you can see the lure of a half-eaten chicken we found (sadly still alive) last week at dawn that we used as bait to get it on a game camera. We were shocked to see it was a bobcat, not a fox raiding our birds. {read more}