Rare and Fancy Fertile Hatching Egg Assortment


This rare and fancy fertile hatching egg assortment from our small Maine farm includes French Black Copper Marans, Buff Polish, Ameraucana and Olive Eggers to produce colorful gourmet quality backyard eggs while maintaining purebred markings. Each egg is guaranteed purebred by breed, and not “mixed” with the breeds listed. Available March 20 – November 1.


We are proud to offer a truly gorgeous rare and fancy fertile hatching egg assortment from our little homestead farm in Alton, Maine. Purebreds include French Black Copper Maran, White x “Splash” Ameraucana also known as “Easter Eggers”, white-laced Buff Polish chickens for your home-hatching delight. In addition to these lovely layers, you’ll also receive three pf our very own Olive Egger strain (no green-laying breeds are yet recognized breed by the APA). This will add color to your little flock!

These birds are meant for the small-flock, backyard hobbyist folks who want cool colored eggs but want to also have purebreds suitable for showing—and showing off to envious neighborhood chicken lovers. Eggs are guaranteed to be laid by and fertilized purely by the breed listed, as each breed here is separated from March 1-November 1.

Each order is for 12 eggs as follows:

  • 3 eggs: Purebred French Black Copper Maran
  • 3 eggs: Purebred Ameraucana “Easter Egger”
  • 3 eggs: White-Laced Buff Polish
  • 3 eggs: Olive Egger

This list gives you a total of one dozen (12) eggs. Supplies are limited. To help insure you’ll get hens of each breed and egg color, we provide 3 eggs each over every breed listed. Rooster rates are assumed to be half of all eggs hatched.

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